Patent application

The transfer of patent application right refers to the act that the patent applicant transfers the patent which has been received but not authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office to others according to law. It should be noted that after the transfer of the patent application right, the transferor only transfers the right of the assignee to continue to apply for the patent, and can not fundamentally guarantee that the assignee will become the patentee of the assigned invention and creation in the future.

After the transfer of the patent application right of an invention creation, the transferor can no longer file a patent application for the same invention creation, nor has the right to transfer the patent application right of the invention creation to a third party; before the patent application of the assignee is rejected, the transferor may not use the invention creation for profit-making production activities, but the bona fide use for non-profit purposes is not restricted, Such as using the invention to serve scientific research and experiment.

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