Patent application

The year of grant of patent right: refers to the year in which the patent application is granted in the nth year, which is the year of authorization, subject to the notice of registration. For example, the notice of registration of a patent application requires the payment of the annual fee for the third year, which means that the "year of authorization" or "the first year" is the third year.

Patent year: it means that every full year since the date of application is a patent year. For example, if the application date of a patent application is June 1, 1998, the first year of the case is from that date to June 1, 1999, and the second year is from June 2, 1999 to June 1, 2000 Year n. Patent year is different from natural year.

The annual fee for the year in which the patent right is granted shall be paid within the time limit specified in the notice of patent grant issued by the patent office. The subsequent annual fee shall be paid in advance within one month before the expiration of the previous year. If the annual fee is not paid in time or insufficient, it shall be paid within 6 months from the date of the expiration of the annual fee payment period, and the overdue fine shall be paid at the same time (the amount of overdue fee shall be calculated as 5% of the annual fee amount of the current year for each month exceeding the prescribed payment time). If the fee is not paid at the expiration of the period, the patent right shall be terminated from the date when the annual fee should be paid.

The annual patent fee can be inquired through the "China Patent inquiry system" of the State Intellectual Property Office

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