Trademark application

Trademark renewal application refers to the system in which the owner of a registered trademark goes through certain procedures according to law and extends the validity period of his registered trademark within a period of ten years before the expiration of the trademark registration

According to the Trademark Law revised in 2013, if a registered trademark needs to continue to be used after the expiration of its validity, the trademark registrant shall go through the renewal procedures in accordance with the provisions within 12 months before the expiration of the term; if it fails to do so during this period, a six-month grace period may be granted. The term of validity of each renewal of registration shall be ten years, counting from the day after the expiration of the last term of the trademark. If no renewal procedures are completed at the expiration of the time limit, the registered trademark shall be cancelled.

(note that it used to be six months before the expiration date, but now it is 12 months.)

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