Copyright registration

The premise of the establishment of copyright infringement is that the accused behavior belongs to the behavior controlled by the exclusive right of copyright. Therefore, the first step is to prove that the defendant's behavior is the behavior of information network dissemination. The behavior of information network dissemination includes the act of providing works and the act of providing network services. The act of providing works is the act of direct infringement, which means uploading the infringing game to or placing it in the network server open to the public in other ways; the act of providing network service, also known as indirect infringement, is to provide automatic access and transmission, automatic storage and information storage for infringement The behavior of Web services such as space and search links.

For the defendant who directly provides infringement games, it is a common practice for the website to mark the operator's name at the bottom of the webpage. Generally, the website operator will upload the game to the network server (except for the online game operation platform). The plaintiff can log in to the official website of the accused online game for screen capture and evidence collection. The name of the developer and operator will be displayed at the bottom of the official website; if the accused game is mobile game, it needs to enter the official app page of the accused game for downloading and obtaining evidence. Here, we need to pay attention to the selection of download software. The author suggests downloading from a regular portal website or professional website, and recording the name, download process and software version number of the downloaded software in detail in the work record; some parties concerned will use browser plug-ins to simplify the forensic steps, which can provide video advertisement interception, download and playback functions, and the plug-in is legal There is no doubt about the validity of the use of such software.

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