Copyright registration

Which court can you sue for copyright infringement?

If our copyright is infringed, the copyright owner may bring a lawsuit to the court in the place where the infringement occurred, where the infringing copy was deposited, where the infringing copy was detained, or where the defendant has his domicile.

The storage place of infringing copies refers to the place where a large number of infringing copies are stored or hidden; the place of sealing up and detaining refers to the place where the administrative departments of customs, copyright, industry and Commerce seal up and bind the infringing copies according to law.

If there is more than one place of infringement and more than one infringer is involved, an action may be brought in any court in the place where the infringement occurred, provided that the accused must include the infringer who has committed the infringement in that place.

If only one defendant is prosecuted, the court where the defendant committed the infringement can only choose to sue according to the place of infringement.

If you find it difficult to protect your legitimate rights and interests of copyright, you can entrust your copyright to a copyright collective management organization, which will manage and maintain our copyright on our behalf.

Copyright is also known as copyright. Copyright includes work copyright and software copyright. Copyright registration is not only the intangible assets of the author, but also the best proof of his own value.

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